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If you're looking to buy gymnastics equipment:

NRA Gym Supply

Wondering what a gymnastics skill is called? Or know the name and have forgotten the trick? This website has a pretty complete list of trick names and individual videos of each:

Drills and Skills

An awesome gymnastics company in the Chicagoland area, generally for younger children, with many different locations. If you're hoping to work as a coach, this is the best place to apply:

Gym Stars Etc

The University of Illinois at Chicago boasts the only collegic gymnastics teams in the area, and both the men and women's teams are a blast to watch. They also host the annual Windy City Invite each January, which we annually attend.

UIC Flames Gymnastics Men
UIC Flames Gymnastics Women

If you're looking for club gymnastics training, which a Tier 3 school like UChicago is simply unable to offer, or if you just want additional training time, you may want to check out either Lake Shore Academy (located on the North side of Chicago) or C.I.T.Y. Club gymnastics (located in the South loop)

Lake Shore Academy
C.I.T.Y. Club Gymnastics

For a comprehensive list of co-ed gymnastics clubs in Illinois, see the link below. However, some information is slightly outdated.

Illinois Gymnastics Directory